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Alabama Blues ProjectAlabama Blues Project - Advanced Band
Arkansas River Blues Society Lucious Spiller David Kimbrough Jr.
Ashland Blues Society
Doug Warner
Asociacion Musical Blues Hondarribia
Travellin' Brothers
Atlanta Blues Society
Mike Bourne Band featuring Stoney Brooks

Frets On Fire
Auckland Blues Society
Darren Watson & The Real Deal Blues Band
Austin Blues Society
Trimmed & Burning

Miss Julia & The Cruzers
Baltic Blues
Big Daddy Wilson Duo

John Rieger Band
Billtown Blues Society
Shawn "Dirty" Strickland

The Porkroll Project

The Uptown Music Collectives Young Blood Blues Band
Black Swamp Blues Society
Tom & Alex Clawson
The God The Bad and the Blues
Benny & The Bricks
Blueridge Blues Association
Owen Poteat

Skinny Velvet
Blues Alliance Of The Treasure Coast
Joel Zoss
The Pitbull Of Blues Band
Blues Association of Geneva
Marco Marchi and the Mojo Workers
Blues Association Of SE Queensland
The Mojo Webb Band
Blues Lovers United Of San Diego145th Street
Blues Society Of Central Pennsylvania
Nate Myers & The Aces
Blues Society of NW Florida John "Fingers" Fuller John Hart & Fatty Waters
Blues Society of The Ozarks
Maddog & Blue

Three On A Wire
Adam Johnston, Seth Darby and Dakota Pagan of Tranzendancen
Blues Society Of Tulsa
James Groves
Wanda Watson Band
Blues Society Of Western new York
Willie Haddath Band
Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania Chris Yakopcic Jill West & Blues Attack
Blues Society On Taiwan
Mike Mudd
Boston Blues Society
Shirley Lewis & Bob Comanch

A Ton Of Blues
Canada South Blues Society
Reverend Robert Sexton's All-Star Blues Review
Cape Fear Blues Society
Randy McQuay

Lawyers Guns & Money
Capitol Area Blues Society
Andy Wilson & Johnny D

The Hoopties
Capital Region Blues Society
The Hitman Blues Band
Cascade Blues Society
Madman Sam

Robbie Laws Band
Central Mississippi Blues Society
D'Mar & Gill

Dexter Allen
Charlotte Blues Society
Bill Miller Band
The Cincy Blues Society
Brian Keith Wallen

Miss Lissa & Company
Cleveland Blues Society
Austin "Walkin" Cane

Ron Yarosz & The Vehicle
Collingwood Jazz & Blues Society
Kevin Marcus Dillon
The Fraser Melvin Blues Band
Colorado Blues Society
Johnny O

Delta Sonics

Bad Brad & The Fatcats
Columbus Blues Alliance
Soul Satyr

Pett Crow
Connecticut Blues Society
Bill "Swamp" Shaka with Tony C

Petey Hop & The Jack Rabbits
Coatian Blues ForceDamir Branilovicch Acoustic Balls44 Blues
Crossroads Blues Society of Rosedale, MS
Vinnie C
Mack Daddy Blues Band
Southern Halo
Dayton Blues Society
Gregg "GC" Clark & Brian Lee

Noah Wotherspoon Band
DC Blues Society
J.P. Reali

Clarance "Blues Man" Turner
Bear Hutchinson
Decatur Blues Society
John "The Doctor" Turner & "Magic" Frank

The Blues Expressions
Detroit Blues Society
Jeff "Baby" Grand
Chris Canas Blues Revolution
Diamond State Blues Society
Blue Cat Blues Band
Dutch Blues Foundation
The Mudbirds

John F. Klaver Band
Edmonton Blues Society
Breezy Brian Gregg

Jimmy & The Sleepers
Finnish Blues Society
Micke & Lefty feat. Chef
Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Society
Tyrannosaurus Chicken

The Mark Albertson Trio
France Blues
Cisco Herzhaft

Fred Chapellier

Jumpin' To The Westside
Frederick Blues SocietyFast Lane Blues Band
The Golden Gate Blues SocietyWendy DeWitt featuring Kirk HarwoodPaula Harris
Grafton Blues Society
John Stano

Tweed Funk
Grand River Blues Society
Conor Gains Band
Granite State Blues Society
Arthur James

The RBK Project
Great Lakes Blues Society
Robbie Anton's Blues Machine
Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society
Annie Mack & Tom Kochie

Javier & The Innocent Sons

Trent Romens
Gulf Coast Blues SocietyJohnny Barbato & Luther Wamble
Johnny No
Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival
Ross Neilsen
Houston Blues Society
The Mighty Orq
Tony Vega BandThe Peterson Brothers & Rebecca Laird
Illinois Central Blues Club
Robert Sampson

Tombstone Bullet
Indiana Blues Society
Cole Prior Stevens

Dicky James & The Blue Flames

Carson and the Spike Drivers
Iowa Blues Societies
Bryce Janey

The Candymakers
Israel Blues SocietyNoa Golan Barel Blues Band
Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation
Norman Taylor
Mikey Junior & Stone Cold Blues
Kansas City Blues Society
Jake Briscoe
Linda Shell & The Blues ThangUnlimited Blues Band
Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association
Crossroads Resurrection
Kentuckiana Blues Society
Jimmy Davis

Little T&A
Rolling River Blues Band
Kentucky Blues Society
RB Stone & Scott Wilson

The Alonzo Pennington Band
Aaron, Trey & Ian
Lake Of The Ozark Blues Society
The Bottoms Up Blues Gang

Doghouse Daddies
Lehigh Valley Blues NetworkMidnight Shift
Long Island Blues Society
T-Bone & Mr. Bill

Gary Sellers Band
Lowcountry Blues Club
J Edwards Band
Loyal Blues Fellowship
The Roper Show
Kim Pollard Band
Maine Blues Society
Poke Chop & Other White Meats
Magic City Blues Society

Lefty Collins Band
Massachusetts Blues Society
Willie J Laws Band
Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society
Memphis Blues Society
Blueshine Duo

Vince Johnson & The Plantation All-Stars
Mid-North Michigan Blues SocietyC.Y. ButcherThe Bacon & Eggs Blues Band
Mississippi Delta Blues Society Of Indianola
Sean "Bad" Apple & Martin "Big Boy" Grant

Solar Porch
Reed Smith & Cody Sparkman
MO Blues SocietyChristopher BryantBlue Max Band
Mojo StationBSBE
Montreal Blues Society
Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul Deslauriers
Nashville Blues SocietyJake Hill The Bart Walker Band
Natchel' Blues Network

The Bush League
NE Ohio Blues Association
Paul Borger

Memphis Cradle
New York Blues & Jazz Society
Steve Johnson Band
Norsk Blues Union
North Central Florida Blues Society
Root Redemption
Little Jake & The Soul Searchers
Oklahoma Blues Society
Garrett "Big G" Jacobson
Omaha Blues Society
Little Slim Blues Band

Crimson Dawn
Orange Blossom Blues Society
RJ Harmon & Company
Ottawa Blues SocietyKelly Prescott & Anders Drerup
Terry Gillespie Trio
Outback Blues Society
Stevie Paige & Anthony "Tok" Norris
Ozark Blues Society Of NW Arkansas
Ray Bonneville

Nathan A & Max R.P.M.
Paris Blues SocietyChad Altenbaumer & Chris LancasterThe Holland K Smith Band
Phillipine Blues SocietyBleu Rascals
Phoenix Blues Society
Common Ground Blues Band
Piedmont Blues Preservation Society
T.A. James
House Of Dues
Pomeroy Blues & Jazz SocietyLeo Clarke
Ellie Lee & Blues Fury
Prairie Roads Blues Society
Hurricane Ruth
Reno Blues Society
The Hellbusters
Jason King Band
River City Blues Society (IL)The Sugar Prophets
River City Blues Society (VA)Bobby Blackhat Band
Sacramento Blues Society
The Used Blues Duo
San Angelo Blues Society
Danny Brooks
Blues Boy Willie & The Texas Blues Runners
Santa Clarita Blues Society
Ron Tanski
Sherry Pruitt Blues Project
Austin Scott & Triple Threat Blues Band
Sedalia Blues Society
Lascivious Deacons
Stacy Brooks
Smoky Mountains Blues SocietyJenna & Her Cool Friends
Sonny Boy Blues SocietySpoons & AbelYoung Guns
South Africa Blues Society
Tony & the Trailer Cats
South Florida Blues Society
Blues Dragon
South Sound Blues AssociationJumpin Josh & FeliciaRed Hot Blues Sisters
Southern California Blues SocietyLightnin' Willie & the Poorboys
Spa City Blues Society
Ben "Swamp Donkey" Brenner

St. Louis Blues Society
Jeremiah Johnson & The Sliders
Suncoast Blues Society
Franc Roberts

Selwyn Birchwood Band
Sydney Blues Society
Dr. Don's Double Dose
Buddy Knox Blues band
T.B. King Blues ClubKajetan Drozd & Piotr Ro┼╝ankowski
The Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society
Ray Fuller & The Blues Rockers
Topeka Blues SocietyTwo Blue
Nick Hern Band
Toronto Blues Society
The 24th Street Wailers
Triangle Blues Society
The Rusted Rails
Vicksburg Blues SocietyThe Delta BoysLeaf River Blues
Voodoo Blues Krewe New Orleans Blues SocietyKenny Acosta Ed Wills & Blues 4 $aleNomad
Washington Blues SocietyRandy Norris & Jeff Nicely
The Wired Band
White Rock Blues Society
David "Boxcar" Gates
Wichita Blues Society
Craig Twister Steward

Rachelle Coba Band
Windy City Blues Society
Liz Mandeville & Donna Herula

Pistol Pete Blues Band
WV Blues Society
Cannibal Ramblers
The Shaun Booker Band
Wyoming Blues Society
Taylor Scott & Another Kind Of Magick


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